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Who we Are

Solar Power NI have partnered with SOLARWATT to bring customers in Ireland world-leading solar technology.  Solarwatt - Solar Modules and Photovoltaic Systems made in Germany

Solar Power NI are a fully MCS and REA accredited solar PV installation company. We strive to make residential and commercial installations as stress free as possible to our clients.

We survey, design, supply, install and commission all projects. Due to our vast experience in the service and construction industries through our sister companies, we are best placed to provide clients with a professional and reliable installation.

Solar Power NI have partnered with Solarwatt to bring customers in Ireland both North and South, world-leading solar technology.

SOLARWATT AG located in Dresden is one of Germany’s leading manufacturers of solar modules and a top supplier of photovoltaic systems. Since its founding in 1993 the company has continuously grown and currently employs 480 people. In 2010 the company’s turnover was 300 Million euro.

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Free Consultation - Advise - Design - Install = Minimum Fuss

  • Advise on appropriate solutions
  • Explain your funding options
  • Assist with planning permission
  • Design & Install solar PV systems

Financial Benefits

  • Get paid for all the electricity you produce regardless of whether you use it or not
  • Save money on your electricity bills
  • Better rate of return than bank accounts or ISAs

Environmnental Benefits

  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Generate your own clean green electricity
  • A typical 3 kWp system will save you 34 tonnes of CO2 over 25 years on a flat line production basis